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We understand choosing a medical transport company is an important decision. To assist with any inquiries you might have about our services, we have provided responses to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you don't see a question here that is of concern to you, please reach out to us at 800-706-9920 and we would be more than happy to assist you.

Why Do I Need A Medical Escort?


People choose medical escort services all of the time. Sometimes individuals are alone and perhaps a bit unsteady on their feet and the thought of travel to see a friend or family member is a bit overwhelming. Hiring a medical escort service therefore enables an individual to have greater freedom while traveling with peace of mind and comfort that their needs will be taken care of and they have trained companionship in the event they feel light-headed or perhaps need administration of insulin or other medications on a regular basis.

At other times, an individual might be released from a hospital and need to travel a short or long distance home or to a place of respite and rehabilitation, and they do not feel able or comfortable enough to be in a car alone with a family member.

Medical escort services are a good idea if you have just received difficult treatments like chemotherapy or have just had a serious surgery that requires dressing changes, ongoing medication, and more.

What Should I Look For When Selecting A Medical Transport Company?


It is important to ask your doctor what type of ongoing care management you will need during the time of your medical transport. This will be a good indicator of the type of personnel and care you will need and you can therefore check in with any potential providers to see if they can offer you a Registered Nurse, EMT, Paramedic, or CNA.

Your care, comfort, and safety should be of paramount importance. All too often we hear of individuals departing hospitals with an Uber or other ride share company and unfortunately these transportation individuals have no medical training in the event you do not feel well en route.

Be sure to check out the credentials and certifications of any medical escort company you are reviewing and never be afraid to ask any and all questions you might have which will make you feel comfortable to place your well being in their care.

Under What Circumstances Is It Best For Me To Take A Commercial Air Medical Escort Transport?


If you are just recovering from a surgery, chemotherapy treatments, or any type of medical therapy which requires ongoing management of medication, IVs, or vital signs, it is important to have a commercial air medical escort transport if you need to travel a relatively long distance. Quite often, the fastest way to get to a specific destination is by air and it will minimize the length of time you need to be out of bed and not able to relax completely.

Yet even flying across the country or even a few states away involves more than a few hours of time when you factor in going through security, customs, boarding, and disembarkation. There are no trained medical personnel on board an airplane or even in an airport and should you fall ill or require some type of intervention, there will be a delay in getting you delivery of adequate care.

When you have your own air medical escort traveling with you, there is a trained professional at your side to provide any assistance you may need.

Under What Circumstances Is It Best For Me To Take Ground Medical Escort Transport?


Those who are recovering from surgery or weakening medical treatments like chemotherapy and need to travel to their home, rehabilitation center, or to a family member across town or in another city, will often opt for ground medical escort transport.


As with conditions noted above in the commercial air transport, some individuals may either require or feel better if they have medical supervision while en route. This is also a necessity in certain situations where a medical therapy requires ongoing management of medication, IVs, or vital signs.

Others who may be frail or in a weakened condition just prefer the comfort and companionship of having a trained medical professional to accompany them in a car or van ride or on a train to their destination.

What Will The Medical Escort Do For Me?


Our medical services are curated for each individual customer. Whatever you might need will be addressed and handled for you.

We prefer to speak to our potential customers and/or their medical providers to learn what it is they need and what will give them the most peace of mind prior to our engagement.

However, to provide a general idea of services available, we can administer medications, oxygen, and IV; check vitals; manage the navigation through airports, train stations, hospitals; etc. via wheelchair or stretcher. Our goal is to provide our clients with five-star care and comfort so you feel completely at ease and secure during any transportation we provide. 

Can I Bring My Luggage With Me?


When you hire Global Medical Escorts, you can bring whatever you need with you and we will manage the movement of your suitcases and carry-on bags for you.

Can My Family Travel With Me?


Yes, of course! Many customers hire us to travel with their family so the family members can provide companionship and comfort to you while we focus on ensuring your health and well being is of paramount importance.

Will Insurance Cover This Type of Transportation Or Do I Need To Pay Out-Of-Pocket For Your Services?


It depends upon the type of insurance you have and what the policy covers. We will work with you to liaise with the health insurance provider or Medicare or Medicaid to manage payment or reimbursement.

Can A Commercial Airline Accommodate A Stretcher?


Global Medical Escorts will handle all logistics involved if you or a loved one needs to be bed bound. We can accommodate you while in your travels even if you are bed bound and need to travel to a certain location anywhere in the world. The rear of every commercial aircraft has a dedicated space to hold a stretcher. It is the same concept of purchasing a regular ticket for a seat on a commercial airliner, except it will have space for you, your medical escort and the stretcher.

I Use Oxygen. Are You Able To Accommodate This Requirment?


Yes. If a patient requires oxygen, we have an oxygen concentrator for ground transports as well as an FAA approved oxygen concentrator for commercial flights.

What Happens In The Event That I Require Serious Medical Attention During Transport?


Your Medical Escort will have advanced life-saving medical equipment with them in a medical backpack. You can rest assured in the event you require serious medical attention, our logistics team — who is always in touch with your escort — will contact emergency services while your medical escort attends to you every second during your emergency.

How Much Advance Notice Do You Require To Schedule A Medical Escort Transport?


We are available 24/7. Once you receive your quote on our services, we will be ready immediately. You can schedule immediate transport, or for any time period moving forward from 1-7 days out, 7-14 days prior, or 14-30 days if this is an option for your request.

Would It Be A Good Idea For Me To Think About A Vacation Medical Transport Escort?


If you or a spouse or loved one has special medical needs — perhaps they have lost some mobility and need help moving from a bed to a wheelchair or to shower and for daily hygiene and dressing; if a couple needs daily administration of medications and monitoring of vital signs; or perhaps a child needs assistance with oxygen or other medical care — then a vacation medical transport escort is a good idea.


In some instances it also provides peace of mind and comfort to other family members to enjoy some quiet time alone or to perhaps go out and sightsee while being assured their loved one is being well cared for.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Get A Quote From You?


Once we have all of the details of your transportation, we will provide a quotation within 12-24 hours.


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