Global Medical Escorts is a people-focused, health and safety-centric organization focusing on five-star care and comfort for all medical transportation needs. Our services include:


Fly with complete peace of mind when you hire Global Medical Escorts as your air medical escort. Look to us to accompany you or a loved one on a commercial aircraft for Business Class/First Class travel to any destination domestically or internationally.

We excel in pre-, post-, and en-route medical transportation services. Prior to travel, we manage all luggage, coordinate the entire pre-boarding activities including ticketing, airport security, customs, and more.

While on board, we conduct ongoing medical assessments, check vital signs, pulse oximeter, and administer an FAA-approved oxygen concentrator. We manage medication assistance, hygiene, and more and also have stretcher capabilites for the rear of the plane, and then disembarkation and transport to your final destination.

We also plan for all contingencies, are continually kept updated from our logistics team on potential flight delays or extended layovers at the airport and manage transport accordingly with pre-arranged access to special lounges offering food, water, a television, and more.


Global Medical Escorts ensures we provide the fastest option for medical transport at a more economical price while ensuring you experience complete peace of mind.


Travel across town, regionally, or inter-state with Global Medical Escorts. We understand some clients simply prefer a ground transfer and we can accommodate you via a wheelchair or stretcher in a car, van, or a train. Long-distance ground transport service is available for medical appointments, out-of-state hospital visits or hospital-to-home or home-to-hospital transfers, as well as vacation travel or to ensure a parent or grandparent can smoothly travel to your home for a holiday or brief respite.

As with our Air Medical Transport, while en route, we conduct ongoing medical assessments, check vital signs, pulse oximeter, and administer oxygen if needed. We manage medication assistance, hygiene, and more.

We also plan for all contingencies, are continually kept updated from our logistics team on potential traffic issues, detours, or construction delays and manage accordingly with stops for food, snacks, restrooms, and more.

As in the air, Global Medical Escorts is your go-to partner for any medical transportation needs.



For those who may be physically or mobility challenged with manageable health issues, Global Medical Escorts can assist you with vacation travel including accompaniment on a cruise, hotel or resort stay, or other type of journey. We provide a measure of confidence and security to feel at ease and get out and see the world while having a medical escort en route the entire trip. We are competent yet discreet, enabling you to enjoy the utmost in privacy.

We essentially function as a butler with a medical license — at your service for handling wheelchair operations and transport, hygiene, vital sign checks, medication assistance, ongoing health assessments, etc.

Global Medical Escorts offers the best of both worlds — the safety and security of being under medical supervision while enjoying the freedom to get out and see the places you have always dreamed of.


"During a vacation in Ireland, my mother got sick and ended up in the hospital for over a week. When it was time for her to return to the U.S., I contacted Global Medical Escorts. They handled all the transportation, luggage and wheelchair for my mother. They made it a breeze going through the airport and customs. I want to give a BIG thanks to Global Medical Escorts and being a part of our family.”


—  Mary R., Orlando, FL


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